Recent years, Wendeng sticks to the main thread of changing the means of developing agriculture and targets at increasing the farmers¨ effectiveness and income, developing by improving the scientific technology. The modern agricultural system is constantly improved and some breakthrough has been mad in the development of rural and agriculture economy development.
  Speeding up the construction of modern agriculture park. Taking all possible policy advantages, Wendeng will integrate agriculture, water conservancy, and gaining 120 million yuan, which will be used to support local agricultural production. The proportion is 10%, 15%, 20% to the scale of 200mu, 500mu and 1000mu respectively, each mu will get support of 10,000yuan. This year, the newly increased modern agricultural park is 10,000mu and among them there are 15 parks with size over 200mu and 2 parks with size over 1000mu.
  Wendeng pays much attention the upgrading of agricultural structure and actively develop ecology agriculture and leisure agriculture, now seven leisure sightseeing agricultural parks are planned, the total size is 4000mu. The size of orchard is 251,000mu, vegetable garden size is 155,000mu and TCM garden size is 50,000mu.
  Wendeng also lays great emphasis on cultivating leading enterprises. It picked 11 enterprises and help them to apply for city level agriculture leading enterprise and now is waiting for approval. Now there are 62 enterprises with over 20 million sales volume and 4 professional whole market, 5 agricultural towns and 118 agricultural villages.
  Agricultural produce quality safety management: Plenty of work has been done in improving agricultural produce quality and each town has special staff to be responsible for the job. Much material and a lot of instrument have been bought to support each town and village to strengthen the ability of food safety.
  Important breakthrough has been made in standardization and brand construction. We stick green route and big brand strategy. Now we have set up 9 demonstration bases of Weihai city level, 20 Shandong standardized production bases, applied 3 organic food and 30,000 mu certified land. The Kunyu mountain chestnut, Wendeng Apple and Wendeng Peanut won the popular brand of China.
  The testing level of agricultural produce is constantly being improved. Special campaign was launched to fight against fake agricultural supplies and 417 suppliers were punished. Many pieces of instrument were bought to improve testing level.
  New species and new technology were spread out. We carried out many means to spread the agricultural technology to local farmers.
  The social service level is being enhanced. The prevention and cure land reaches the size of 350,000mu, and green prevention area is 20000mu. There are over 100 social organizations and now from sowing to harvesting can basically all be realized by the service by these organizations.
  Precision poverty alleviation and development work achieved remarkable results. Treating credibility to the life of the work of poverty alleviation and development, established card archiving data for the second round of acquisitions and updates of 2015 poverty reduction targets, and explored nine modes of poverty alleviation and development of precision, 15 key projects was started in 15 key poor villages like Dashuipo Royal Ridge town, total investment is 10.151 million yuan, achieved unanimous praise from all sectors of society. May 22, the meeting of Weihai accurate poverty alleviation and development of modern agriculture-cum-demonstration was held in Wendeng.
  Three rural reforms achieved good progress. We formulated the "the measures of 2015 Rural reform assessing and implementing", has trained staff of more than 1,100 people, to explore "the amount of binding," "simplify", "Village community integration", "Resource preservation and appreciation" of working methods to crack indeed right puzzle, complete 50 village¨s reform of the rural collective right , is indeed the right to complete the registration of certification 282 villages, exceeding the beginning of the scheduled task.