Wendeng actively implement the "Science and Education Essay" and "talent strong city" strategy, the full implementation of the "county-based" management system, accelerate the modernization of education. By 2015, there were altogether 42 primary and secondary schools (23 primary schools, 16 middle schools, three high schools), students are more than 39600 people, staff is about 4700 people; two secondary vocational schools, students is about 3800 people, and 510 faculty members; one special education (dumb school) school, students is about 110 people, staff is about 40 people.
  Wendeng increasing investment in education, to further accelerate the modernization of education, advancing the School Link project, the region's primary and secondary schools broadband connected with education Net to share resources; to promote the standardization of school construction as a whole, 100% of school reached Weihai municipal school standards. Meanwhile, the education structure was further optimized, and the level of compulsory education is constantly improved, urban and rural schools have been balanced developed ; high segment education was popularized, general, the size of general and vocational schools are similar、 coordinated development, to meet the people's growing demand for education; preschool education developed health and coordinately, specification parks above Weihai municipal is up to 85%, admission rate of 3 years old child reached 99.5%.Has access to "national advanced two base areas", "national compulsory education basically balanced counties (cities, districts)," "Education Model City of Shandong Province ", "Quality education advanced unit of Shandong Province ", "advanced preschool City of Shandong Province ", " education fees demonstration City of Shandong Province, "and more than 40 provincial honorary title.