กกกกWendeng District has state-owned banks , joint-stock commercial banks, rural credit cooperatives, rural banks and other banking institutions which reached 12, the total number of all types of banking institutions including branch reached 108, employed more than 1,500 people, preliminary formed state-owned and joint-stock commercial banks as the main, city commercial banks and rural credit cooperatives as an important component, supplemented by other banks, covered urban and rural, sound network management practices, efficient operation of the banking service system.Bank of Communications, China Merchants Bank, the commercial banks have set up branches, established village banks CCB. The development of Non-banking financial institutions speed up, new financial institutions continue to emerge, the region has three small loan companies, the letter registered capital of Chuang Yuan small loan companies, Jinhai small loan companies and Hexin small loan companies are 100 million yuan; 4 financing guarantee companies, Yong Thai security company, Wen Tong guarantee Corporation, Lantai security companies registered capital are 100 million yuan, Defeng security companies registered capital is 20 million; two warehousing companies, Integrate warehousing company registered capital is 30 million, Yuquan warehousing company registered capital is 10 million yuan.There are 30 insurance agencies, including 15 property insurance companies, 13 life insurance companies, and two insurance intermediaries.