In 568 A.D., Wendeng county was established, in Oct 24 1998, it was promoted to be county level city, belonging to Weihai city; in 2014 Wendeng city became Wendeng district Weihai city.
   In 1928, subordinate to Shandong province
   In Jan 1934, subordinate to Jiaodong area, Shandong province
   In Jan1936, No. 7 Administrative area of Shandong province
   In Jun 1940, Donghai special area of Jiaodong section
   In Dec 1941, divided into east Wendeng and West Wendeng
   In Spring of 1945, West Wendeng county was changed into Kunyu county
   In Jun 1 1950, Donghai special area was changed into Wendeng special area, east Wendeng and west Wendeng subordinate to it
   In Nov 1958, subordinate to Yantai special area
   In Feb 1967, subordinate to Yantai area
   In Aug 1983, subordinate to Yantai city
   In Jun 1987, subordinate to Weihai city
   In Oct 24, approved to establish Wendeng county level city by state council, governed by Weihai city.