Wendeng District continue to strengthen the "strong industrial zone" concept, and always adhere to the industry as a top priority, focus on structural adjustment, concentrate factor resources, strengthen policy support to promote the quality and efficiency of industrial economy steadily. In recent years, Wendeng timely started the implementation of hundred enterprises upgrade innovation、development of small and micro enterprises that development of action plans of "double hundred enterprises", arrange special funds to support and guide enterprises to accelerate the expansion of industrial upgrading, forming the pattern of development of the backbone enterprises competing expansion and small and micro enterprises echelon follow, promote industrial economic restructuring and rejuvenation .
  At present, there has 452 industrial enterprises above designated size of the region, cultivated Tianrun crankshaft, Weili power tools, Shenlu leather and other top enterprises in the entire country, forming three industrial clusters: mechanical and electrical hardware tools, automobile and parts, textile and leather , all included in the provincial billion industry cluster development planning, industrial scale accounted more than 60% of the region; and new materials, new medicine and other strategic emerging industries are rapidly rising .
  Mechanical and electrical hardware tools industry: There are 67 enterprises above designated size, the number of workers are 33700 people, a total of 13.008 billion yuan in fixed assets, the annual output value is more than 50 billion yuan. The main enterprises includes Wendeng WeiLi tool Group Co., Ltd., Shandong Weida Machinery Co., Ltd., Weihai Wenlong Battery Co., Ltd., Wendeng Aowen Motor Co., Ltd., Weihai Tech Full Simo Motor Co., Ltd., formed series development pattern based on tool and motor-driven. Brand-name products include "MAXPOWER" brand wrench, Peacock licensing drill chuck, Wen-licensing low-power single-phase and three-phase asynchronous motors, advantageous licensing sealed VRLA batteries and so on.
  Motor vehicles and parts industry: There are 36 enterprises above designated size, the number of workers are 17400 people, a total of 10.711 billion yuan in fixed assets, the annual output value is 27 billion yuan. The main enterprises include Zhonghang Panthers Co.,Ltd, Tianrun Crankshaft Co., Ltd., Wendeng leaf spring Co., Ltd., formed industries system based on new truck, new energy vehicles and the crankshaft, connecting rods, pistons and other parts oriented . Brand-name products are "Black Panther" brand cars, "Heaven" brand crankshaft, "double force" brand leaf spring.
  Textile and leather industry: There are 73 enterprises above designated size, the number of workers are 17300 people, a total of 4.9 billion yuan in fixed assets, the annual output value are 17 billion yuan. The main enterprises include Wendeng Mori deer leather Co., Ltd., Shandong Arts Limited, Shandong Yun Xiang Embroidery Co., Ltd., Shandong Wonder Group Co., Ltd. Shandong Yunlong Embroidery Co., Ltd., Shandong Yinfeng Home Textiles Co., Ltd., formed a set of leather, textile, printing, dyeing and finished products in one of the industrial system. Brand-name products include "Deer" brand leather, "WON & WON" brand tablecloths, "Yun" brand chemical fiber products, "Arts" brand textile products.
  While promoting the expansion of upgrading traditional industries, Wendeng adhere to promote development of new and creative industries as strategy of increasing new competitive advantages, and treating Nanhai New Area and Economic Development Zone as the carrier, increasing the efforts to attract investment on new materials, new medicine and other emerging industries, has introduced the construction of more than 90 scientific and technological projects, forming good situation on high-end projects landing and the rapid growth of new industries. New materials industry, around the special new materials, new building materials, high-performance fibers and other fields, introducing and constructing Zhuoda new materials, Che-hung new materials, Bo Kangte new building materials, Bo Sheng new material projects; new medicine industry, introducing and constructing DiJia refined industrial park and Dijia medicine, Yi Yang ginseng deep processing projects, becoming the new growth point of Wendeng industrial development.
  In order to promote rapid development of industrial economy, Wendeng vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy, accelerate the establishment of enterprises as the mainstay、 market-oriented、 a combination of technological innovation system, innovation ability and level continuous improve.The region's high-tech enterprises reached 14 (Tianrun crankshaft, Weili power tools, Hongtong pipes, Weili power fan, and so on). Innovation Platform level improved significantly, the region has 46 R & D institutions above the provincial level ( 12 enterprise technical centers above the provincial level), and two state-level enterprise technical centers. Deepening cooperative on major scientific and technological achievements, establishing reserve fund, implementing the program of " hundred enterprises marriage hundred schools", research cooperation talks were held in recent years, set up three provincial industrial technology innovation and strategic alliances, and established long-term stable cooperative relations with 60 university institutes. Personnel scale, guide enterprises talent recruitment by the brain with building a laboratory、 joint technical research, and project cooperation, creating 4 academician workstations (crankshaft, Hongtong, tools, Zhengda environmental protection), two Postdoctoral Workstations ( crankshaft, Hongan), the region has more than 40 provincial high-level personnel national "people plan" expert, Taishan scholar Distinguished experts.