Livestock Industry


  Wendeng has 61,643 hectares of arable land, mountain meadows are 50,288 hectares, with annual 600,000 tons of forage, straw 600,000 tons. By 2015, the region's total meat production reached 62,000 tons; egg production are 48,900 tons; milk output are 67,500 tons; large herds of livestock in late are 19600.
  Wendeng is a special fur production base, has been awarded the fur furleather capital of Shandong Province, Chinese fur industry demonstration city, fur industry base of China, the famous city of fur industry. Formed fur industry chain basing Alice fur、Tianzhi fur and Tianwei fur as the leader, the scale of farming up to 8.396 million, to produce 7.83 million special animal furs.
  Animal husbandry has become a pillar industry of the region's rural economy, and formed dairy cattle population amounted to 16,000 dairy industry chain basing Dezheng Dairy, Maolin Ecological Park, and Dade Dairy as the leading ; and the slaughter of 522,000 pigs industry chain based Donglai and Saide as a leader, ; to the slaughter of 5218000 chickens industrial chain with Ronghua Food.