ĦĦĦĦAs of Dec 31, 215, the total population is 581,231, 1430 less that that of the year 2014; among all, 289,878 men and 291,353 women; total household number is 217,109, and each household has 2.68 people on average. The number of newly-born people is 3322, and the number of death is 4854. The number of immigrants from within Shandong province is 1324, 674 from out of Wendeng district but within Weihai city, 650 people from other cities of Shandong province. 1435 people moved out of Wendeng district, 902 went to other part of Weihai city and 533 went to other cities of Shandong province, 870 moved to other provinces. The total transfer number of Wendeng district is 4202. The permanent household population is 192,933 and now the district gas floating population of 90,075.