Towns, street offices


Weihai Nanhai New Area

  Nanhai new area is located in the southern end of Wendeng district. March 2007, the Nanhai New Area development and construction started. In 2011, the State Council approved the "Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone Development Plan", is listed as one of the key construction of marine economic area, has become an important part of the national development strategy. In 2012, Weihai proposed to give the power of the whole city to speed up construction, and promoted the development of the South China Sea into the fast lane. For six years, the Nanhai New area invested nearly billion to build infrastructure, roads、water、electricity、gas、heating、sewage、communications and other "ten-level" basically put in place, all network paved under ground once, the Nanhai schools, hospitals, bus passenger stop everything. On the soft environment, the establishment of Nanhai Development Service Center to create one-class business environment with low cost, high efficiency, and zero barriers, was named Best Investment Development Zone in Shandong Province and the Top 10 strong service brand.
  The planning control area of Nanhai core area are 160 square kilometers, key construction on harbor Industrial Zone, comprehensive business district, and tourist resort area three major functional areas, creating a "center rise, support wings" development pattern. More than 100 large projects with billion investment set up where more than 10 of world or China's top 500 enterprises and listed companies entered that initially cultivated sea-related equipment manufacturing, biological medicine, new materials and new energy industries. Science and innovation platform continuous improved, Northern Jiaotong University of Weihai Campus and cloud computing technology park are under construction, Chinese Academy of Sciences and CAEP set up technology transfer sub-centers, electric automobile engineering laboratory、 biotechnology laboratory and 9 R & D centers have entered Blue Valley entrepreneurial incubators, adds plenty of stamina for the development of Nanhai New area. Long-term planning of the new port are 300,000 tons, two-ton berths will be put into use, and will be nearest major port from China to South Korea, and Japan ;Weihai Airport is located next to the Nanhai new area, 1 hour planing can arrive in Beijing, Shanghai and Seoul, is the nearest city from China to South Korea. Nanhai new area has 12 km golden beach, fine sand and clear water, slow and flat waves , is a natural beach; Perfume River, Chang Yang River, Yellow River, three freshwater river barrier into the sea, with nearly 20000 mu of water, developed water, well ecology ; is surrounded by five high-quality hot springs, has won the UN Habitat Award China excellent New Area、China Best Tourism Development Zone and so on.

Wendeng Economic Development Zone

  Wendeng Economic Development Zone is a provincial development zone which was approved by the Shandong Provincial People's Government in 1992, has an area of 148.7 square kilometers. Formed the development pattern of six pillar industries with automotive parts, electrical and mechanical tools and machinery equipment, textile technology, electronic information, advanced materials and modern service. It has been named the Top ten most dynamic economic zone in Shandong、 the first batch of scientific development demonstration zone of Shandong Province、the province's advanced open park personnel advanced units、most investment value zone of China, international investment hot spot zone , has been identified as "international park demonstration project" by UNIDO. The district had been approved more than 600 enterprises in the zone, with two listed companies, five subsidiaries in the zone, 25 key enterprises, 39 provincial famous trademarks and brand names. Established Industrial Technology Innovation Alliance plurality of electric vehicles, intelligent tools, ginseng deep processing, built 23 provincial R & D center, two post-doctoral research station, three academician workstation, set up the Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Engineering Physics Research School of technology transfer Center Wendeng sub-centers, and set up incubators with Sichuan University, East China University of technology, China aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, Beijing University School of environment and energy and other high-tech research institutes, technological innovation has become the leading economic development zone faucet .

Wendengying Town

  Wendengying jurisdiction has over 70 administrative villages, 53 enterprises, 22900 population, an area of 110 square kilometers, 37400 acres of arable land, 67600 acres of woodland. Qingdao-Rongcheng intercity railway wear Habitat, highway are criss-crossing, with Chuzhang, 804, Wei Shi, airport four provincial highway and south seven、 call Road、Zhuhai, Guangzhou, HuShan, Wenchang six local roads. Agriculture with high-quality milk goats, cows, fruit, peanuts, wheat and etc, industry with diarymachinery manufacturing, chemicals, electronics, woven shirts and embroidery, won the "Weihai characteristic industry town" in 2011. There have two provincial forest park with area of 106,000 hectares. Days Fukuyama Uprising Memorial Hall and other scenes are the town's landscape. It has two post offices, two branch Netcom, two mobile communication business department, two RCCs, two insurance companies sales department, four rural markets, two fruit professional market, there are 536 commercial enterprises, 570 individual industrial and commercial households. The town has a vocational school, a sports school, a middle school, two primary schools, and 4 kindergartens. There are two hospitals, nine health centers chamber. 51 villages have fitness entertainment plaza, 38 villages have farm bookshops.

Dashuipo Town

  Dashuipo located in the eastern of Wendeng District, administered 89 administrative villages, 37400 people, an area of 123.4 square kilometers, 5327 hectares of arable land. Weihai Airport is located in the town government resident, we have more than 10 international and domestic routes directly access to Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul and other cities ; new 309 State Road , Old 309 State Road, Weihai-Shidao road, Qingdao-Rongcheng railway passed through; 40 kilometers away from Weihai city center, 20 km from Wendeng, 15 kilometers from Rongcheng.
  Industry has building materials, rubber, piling, electrical, food and others, there are more than 90 industrial enterprises. Planting has pears, apples, mushrooms, ginseng, silkworm, etc, is the largest high-quality pear and flower mushroom production base. Livestock has cows, goats, pigs, laying hens and rabbits, it is strong Livestock town. Town built 14 fruit storehouse with 60 thousand tons, fruit annual volume reached 160000 tons, is the largest fresh fruit distribution center and warehousing center of the Shandong Peninsula.
  There are beautiful rivers and mountains, numerous monuments and attractive landscapes. It was awarded the "National Environmental beautiful town." won the peace-building advanced grass-roots unit of Shandong , SCS town-building pilot unit, Weihai opening-up advanced town , Weihai advanced grass-roots party organizations and the top ten Innovation labor groups, a new socialist countryside construction model town and so on. The new comprehensive Free Trade Zone is located in town area.

Zhangjiashan Town

  Zhang Jiashan Town is located three kilometers south of Wendeng District, administering 56 administrative villages, and 2.3 million people with an area of 82 square kilometers.
  With unique geographical location, suitable temperature and fertile soil conditions, it becomes the best area to plant American ginseng, astragalus, heterophylla, etc., It has been hailed as the "Golden Mile" for the development and production of medicinal herbs by experts. The territory is rich in resources, like Tangcun hot springs, sea turtle mountain and "Long Ye Li" Legend, hometown folk and other tourism resources. The construction of new tourist attractions is in full swing,taking Weihai Tianmu Spa Resort as the engine, Gamesa wind power, the continued construction of the second phase of Tianmu, the agricultural parks along Shenghai Road and other projects. A mechanical and electrical industry has formed , casting two major industrial clusters; A ginseng-based medicine, quality fruits and special animal breeding have formed in agriculture,casting three major characteristics of leading industries. It has won the "National Environmental beautiful town", "provincial health town", "provincial civilized town", "Shandong Provincial Tourism town", "Best Leisure Tourism in Shandong Province ," Weihai "openning-up advanced unit" "Weihai safe town", "Weihai advanced grass-roots party organizations" and other honorary titles.

Gaocun Town

  Gaocun Town is located in the southeast of Wendeng, , in the west of Rongcheng, in the north of Yellow Sea with 7 km long coastline. It has a total of 46 administrative villages, 13000 household, a population of 31000 , a total area of 96.36 square kilometers. Gaocun Town has lots of mountains and sea, lying north to south. Wendeng second largest river Dragon River runs through from north to south. The water storage capacity has reached 120 cubic meters after the implementation of Dragon River weir closure. There is an artificial Kun Lake with a capacity of 6500 in upstream. The natural hot springs Hu Lei is in its midstream.
  Gaocun Town lays in the criss-cross area of three main highways,Shize, Daohu,Chuzhang, which is 10-20 km from the Bukou Port, Shidao Port, Weihai Weihai airport and railway.
  Sea and air transportation is convenient.
  Gaocun Town has various mineral resources and have a high value of gold, silver; It has ancient cultural sites of the Neolithic period; there are ancient temples and the ancient village building community .
  The existing arable land is 75000 acres , Sam Rainsy is 1.3 acres , the fruit cultivation area like peaches, pear and apple is 6,000 acres, the mariculture area is 5000 acres, the beach area is1000 acres.
  Gaocun Town has won many honorary titles like the "star town", "provincial civilized town" and "Weihai advanced town".

Zeku Town

  Zeku Town is located in the southernmost of Wendeng District, facing the sea in three direction. The town government in Zeku village, jurisdicting 23 village committees, with a population of 2.2 million, an area of 61.8 square kilometers, 1818.6 hectares of arable land, 39.84 km long coastline.
  The town is rich in resources with variety of famous aquatic products, especially sea cucumber, turbot, monkfish, crab, shrimp climb, grasshopper sub shrimp paste and other prestigious seafood. Shoal area is rich in scallops, oysters and other 50 kinds of shellfish, particularly rich in oysters. The annual output is about 60,000 tons. The raised sea cucumber area is 10,000 acres, the nursery area is 60,000 cubic meters.
  The "Grain Rain" is a traditional fishing festival for coastal fishermen , "Fishermen Day" celebration is held and the traditional figurines and "South China Sea cake" contest organized to make steamed guest Terre products "fishing feast" campaign to advocate and support the development of the art of dough, which put this handmade green tourism to build brand characteristics.
  The town has a main characteristic economy like shipbuilding, ocean fishing, beach culture, aquatic products processing, international maritime transport trade, fur animal breeding. Sea cucumber aquaculture develops early and in large-scale, becoming the production base of Shandong Province . Industries mainly have lifting equipment, paper products, food processing, plastics, civil steel ships.
  The town has 63 industrial enterprises realizing total output value of 4.53 billion yuan. Key enterprises are Weihai Baiyun Marine Equipment Co., Ltd., Shun Qing Industrial Co., Ltd. . Zeku town has been awarded Shandong Province petition work advanced unit, Weihai City production safety work advanced collective, Weihai advanced collective for maritime search and rescue work , Weihai municipal civilized town .

Hou Jia Town

  Hou Jia Town is located in easternmost of Nanhai New Area with the jurisdiction of 37 administrative villages and a population of 23,000 and an area of 86.3 square kilometers, 2848 hectares of arable land. Marine resources is various. It has 16.25 kilometers coastline, marine resources category is full, rich marine fisheries products and shallow beach culture category is various, there are 50 kinds of fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, and sea cucumbers.
  Jellyfish processing is a traditional processing project in Hou Jia Town. The annual output Iis 6,000 tons. The production of traditional midge sub shrimp paste is famous . Mink, raccoon, fox and other special precious fur animal breeding are a traditional characteristic industry. It is honored as the "national special breeding demonstration base"in 2009 by the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute. The total annual breeding amount of mink, raccoon, foxes reaches 3 million, with an annual output value of 600 billion yuan. In the town center, within a radius of 50 kilometers, the total amount of special fur animal breeding of minks reaches 11 million, accounting for more than 30% of the country's total production of mink, known as "China's first town mink."
  Since the beginning of 2010, with the national high-yield demonstration project, nearly 4 million acres of farmland were funded to be renovated and farming conditions have been fundamentally improved, mainly in crops of wheat, corn and exported peanut . Fuji Apple covers an area of 2,200 acres with the total output of 6 million tons, American ginseng cultivation technology is mature with an area of 1,800 acres and the annual output of 120 tons.

Song Cun Town

  Song Cun Town is located in the southeast area of Wendeng District with a total area of 138 square kilometers, 18 kilometers long coastline, a population of 37,000, administering 52 administrative villages.
  Song Cun Town is the main transport hub . Weihai-Qingdao car-only lanes, Shidao-Zeku lines, Changhai Road, Shenghai Road and Siwuli Road worn through. With convenient sea and air transportation, it¨s 50 kilometers away from Weihai Port, 60 kilometers away from Shidao port, 10 kilometers away from Bukou Newport,80 km away from Yantai airport, 20 km away from Weihai airport, 170 kilometers away from Qingdao Airport, 15 kilometers away from Taowei Wendeng railway station. Passenger and freight transport get direct access to domestic and international cities through the above routes. 
  Song Cun Town is the birthplace of Gragon Li Long myths and legends. Before and after the annual Lunar New Year, Dragon Mother birthday on March 2, a grand mountain Huilongshan Festival is held, the local people will burn incense and make a wish for good luck and health. "Bald tail Lao Li legend" was included in the national intangible cultural heritage in February 2008 . Chang Yang city, Danyang and other ancient cultural sites are located in Song Cun Town. It has won lots of honors, like a beautiful country town, provincial town of civilization, and the key towns in Shandong Province town center, Weihai demonstration town of construction of small towns, Weihai modern agriculture demonstration town, Weihai City modern agricultural demonstration town.

Zetou Town

  Zetou Town is located in the southwest of Wendeng District, in the downstream of Sow River, neighboring the Yellow Sea with a coastline of 29.65 kilometers. Whole town administers 46 villages, 1.4 million households, 3.52 million people , with an area of 114 square kilometers, 4017 hectares of arable land. Terrain is mainly in the plains, agriculture has corn, wheat, peanut, known as "North granary" . There is a high school in its territorty.
  Zetou Town is developed in traffic, Weihai-Qingdao high-speed way, 202 national road, Shanghai-Zetou line, Shidao-zetou line intersect in the territory. Jinhai Road, Huanhai road pass through, the town has a scenic South Mountain, North Mountain peaks nest stone tiger's mouth, large Song ancient ruins, Xu Shilin legendary monuments.
  Zetou Town is specially rich in sea food, like clam, shrimp, sea cucumber and other seafood. Fishing rod, upholstery, sweaters and other industrial specialty products. Apple planting is the characteristic economy, warm winter vegetable greenhouses, ginseng, ginger planting is the main income crops.
  Zetou Town¨s Aquaculture mainly lays in hens, pigs, mink farming. Shandong Yisheng Livestock Co., Ltd., Shandong Zhongxin Food Co. are leading companies. Meat chicken breeding, slaughter train agricultural industrial chain has formed.In textile and garment industry, the SAFEWAY clothing Co, Ltd has introduced 100 German automatic computer equipments, engaging in garment export processing. The factory can produce machinable sweater 1 million per year, mainly exported to Europe and other countries; Phoenix Ting fabrics import modern luxury fabrics production lines from Germany, Italy, which can produce more than forty varieties, with the annual output of 5 million square meters. Phoenix ting fabrics and SAFEWAY garment have become the leading chain of home textile and garment industry.

Xiaoguan Town

  Xiaoguan Town is located in the southwest area of Wendeng, jurisdicting 47 village committees with 14 000 households, a population of 3.76 million, an area of 128 square kilometers, 4024 hectares of arable land, 24 km long coastline.
  Traffic is developed. Qingdao-Weihai high-speed way, 202 provincial highway, Huanhai Road across the whole territory, Jinhai Road, Longhai Road run from north to south. Road hardening rate of the village is 100%, each village has bus.
  There are ten thousand high-quality peanuts, cabbage, watermelon. Characteristic economy for aquaculture are beach shrimp, sea cucumber, crab and other factorilized farming and turbot, puffer fish, flounder fish-based. Seafood has a tongue fish, peach shrimp, tiger crabs. The town is rich in 40 kinds of resources, like yellow scoop clams, clams, and other Coelomactra, called "Little Bay View". Grain output have reached 31,000 tons, the total output of vegetables is 22,000 tons, fruit production is 21,800 tons, the total output of aquatic products is 91,000 tons. Industrial categories are construction, building materials, glass, textiles, tires, fishing and other industries. There are 21 industrial enterprises, key enterprises are Triangle Huada Tire Co., Ltd., Mingchi Safe Glass Co., Ltd.,. There are 21 commercial enterprises, 448 individual businesses, 9 markets .
  There are Nanhai Experimental School, Nanhai Hospital, 47 village clinics. There is a leisure and fitness center in 39 villages. Water penetration rate is 100%. It is awarded as Shandong Provincial Tourism and Travel villages by Shandong Provincial Tourism Bureau.

Ge Jia Town

  Ge Jia Town is located in the foot of the Kunyu Mountains, the birthplace of Chinese Taoism Quanzhen, surrounded by mountains in three directions, the middle is plain. The town area is 185.5 square kilometers, administering 68 administrative village, and nearly 6 million people.
  Ge Jia Town is located in connecting area of Wendeng, Rushan, Muping , known as "Han Lu dock". With convenient transportation, Qingdao-Weihai high-speed way, 309 State Road, Wensan Road, Shangze Road pass through. Two sites of Yaowei railway are located in the territory. Yaowei high-speed way and Shugang railways are under construction. Town economy is developed, agricultural production are endowed with good nature. Jiaodong wheat, peanuts, corn, apple, cherry are main agricultural production. Fruit, flowers, livestock, seedlings and other industries have formed. Industrial strength is good, it has more than 200 enterprises, forming the battery, construction machinery, stone processing, building materials, chemicals, textiles, printing, food and other industries.
  Production system. Tourism resources are rich, taking "the mountains shengjing " as the theme of Taoist tourism area, there are many attractions, like Laozi Stone Figure, Tianmen, gutter, seven squares, purple peaks, Laozi statue, Zijin lake and Cherry Blossom Festival peach, apricot picking- up festival and so on.
  China , Shandong agricultural logistics center, Shengjing Mountain Comprehensive Development Project, Kunyu international ecological agriculture health garden, Shuaifu project, 37 < Haile original project, Weigao Medicine Park, the National Bio Energy project and other large projects are under construction.
  Ge Jia Town was honored as national environmental elegant town, Health Town of Shandong Province, China Apple Base of good quality. The establishment of Shandong Province (Wendeng) Taiwan Agricultural Park has been approved by the provincial government. In 2012, it got the honor as Shandong Province tourism town and the " 100 towns onstruction demonstration action" provincial demonstration town in Shandong Province.

Mishan Town

  Mishan Town is located in the western suburb of Wendeng District, the town government in Hengkou village, 5 km from Wendeng. The town covers an area of 80 square kilometers, 3.7 million mu of arable land, administering 40 administrative villages, 8323 households, 2.08 million people.
  Transportation is convenient, Yaowei railway, 309 State Road, Qingdao-Weihai highway and town road wove into each other.
  The west of Mishan Town is intricately linked with Jiaodong Peninsula's largest mountain range - Kunyu. Shandong Peninsula's largest reservoir, Weihai City water source - Mishan Lake is in the center. Taking Wendeng Railway Station as the center of the small town construction, taking Fuping Industrial Park as the center of the construction project accelerat the industry development. Township industry is developed. There are more than 60 types of enterprises, forming five industry groups, that is machinery, electronic chemicals, light textile, agricultural processing and logistics. It has been awarded "the province's agricultural safety '10 County, 100 million rural Thousand Villages' demonstration activities demonstration township (town)", "Weihai city's population and family planning self-governance model", "Wendeng City advanced unit", "advanced open unit "," civilized village action demonstration town "and other honorary titles.
  There are 142 enterprises in the area, 4 of which have the right to import and export right. There are toys, stone, mineral water, electronics, building materials, construction and other 12 industries. Toy industry is developed, known as "the first town of Jiaodong toy." Key enterprises are Wendeng District Wande Co,. Ltd., Weihai Beit knitwear Garments Co., Ltd., Wendeng District Eastern Mines Co.,Ltd. Wendeng District Boiler Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  Specialties are cherry, tea, golden pear, etc., Cherry festival is held in mid-May to early June every year, creating "Mountain People Tour" brand. There are 40 million passengers and foreign tourists in this time.
  The town has one high school, two primary schools, two standardized kindergartens . There are two hospitals, 42 beds, 38 village clinics.

Jieshi Town

  Jieshi Town is located in the northwest of Wendeng Kunyu Zone, in the interchanges area of Yantai, Weihai, Wendeng. The total area is 187.8 square kilometers, jurisdicting over 65 villages, with 4589 hectares of arable land, 11,000 households, a popuilation of 29,000 and a temporary population of 1274 . It has won the "characteristic landscape tourism town in Shandong Province," and was named the "Top Ten units Weihai fitness."
  Developed in traffic, Leeli line, Shangze lines pass through. Rural road clouds into a network accessible to each administrative village.
  The highest mountain in Shandong, "sea mountains ancestor" Kunyu Mountain is located in Jieshi Town. Kunyu peak and the Queen Mother¨s footbath, Laozi stone sculpture, old cellular and other famous sights are located in the territory of the town pillar, cultural resources and natural resources are very rich.

Longshan Subdistrict Office

  Longshan Subdistrict Office is located in Road No. 107, Wendeng District, jurisdicting over 30 villages (neighborhood) committees, of which there are 14 neighborhood committees, 16 village committees, with a household population of 4.8 million people, an area of 38.1 square kilometers, 906 hectares of arable land.
  Transportation is convenient. Longshan Road, Kunyu Road, Wendeng Road, Fengshan Road, and Heyou Roadcriss-cross the river . Qingdao-Weihai high-speed way and Yaowei railway run through the territory; commerce economy is developed , Liqun Shopping Plaza, Runtai International Shopping Mall, Nanyuan Shopping Plaza Yangtze River Huiquan Shopping Plaza are key business enterprises and trade center of Wendeng District.
  Industrial economy is advanced. Longshan key project area covers an area of more than 1,000 acres . A fiber optic cable, machinery, textiles, electronics, clothing and other integrated industrial system have formed. Weihai City is an important center of the textile industry, key enterprises are Acer Group Limited, Shandong Kunyu Cable Co., Weihai Shengyuan Power Transformer Co., Ltd. Wendeng Evergreen metal products Limited. There are a middle school, three primary schools. It has won the "national population and family planning administrative demonstration streets," "the sixth national census advanced collective", "Weihai characteristic industry town", "Weihai Municipal Party building work advanced town (street)," Weihai municipal " civilization "," advanced unit of production safety "," population and Family Planning comprehensive reform demonstration units ".

Tianfu Subdistrict Office

  Tianfu Subdistrict Office is located in No. 35,Tianfu Road, Wendeng District, jurisdicting nine village committees and 19 neighborhood committees, with a population of 5.41 million, an area of 30.2 square kilometers, 3295 acres of arable land.
  Most of the area is located in the business district center. The sports park, museum civil center, vocational education center, the International Convention and Exhibition Centre, the International Trade Centre and other signs of large-scale public facilities are in the distribution. Tian Fu Road, Xiangshan Road, Wenshan Road, Mishan Road, Huanshan Road, Chuzhang Road, Wenchang Road, Hushan Road and other trunk road criss-cross. 309 national road runs through the southern area. The bus station, Wendengxue Park, Baolong River Park, Fengshan Park, Observatory Park are located within the jurisdiction.
  There are Yiwu Small Commodity Market, Tianfu commerce wholesale market, Liangshuiwan World ceramics and other specialized markets and Tianfu Trade City, Beigong Food Street, Shima StreetYongan Street and other characteristics business district. It has developed 12 categories of leading industries, like real estate, machinery, biotechnology, cable, electronics, textile garments, aquatic products processing and so on. There are Fengshan residential area, Riverview East residential area , Yulin Huafu, Longdu Lijing and other environmental beautiful residential area. The area is rich in education and medical resources, there are two secondary schools, three primary schools. Wendeng Central Hospital, osteopathic hospital are located here. the village has a home health care center, Tianfu project area includes homes for the elderly.

Huanshan Subdistrict Office

  Huanshan Subdistrict Office is located in southwest of Wendeng District , an area of 40 square kilometers, administering 19 community committees, 7 administrative villages with a total population of 6.5 million people. There are development plan for five major functional areas, that is urban industrial development areas, international spa area, a modern commercial and residential service area, the South Bank trade logistics area, suburban tourist area.
  Within the jurisdiction, there are more than 500 registered enterprises, involving textiles, clothing, electronics, food, machinery, feed, fur, construction, logistics and many other industries, which is an important economic sector. Huanshan project area covers 3,000 acres, investing 70 million yuan for infrastructure. Currently, there are a total of 40 enterprises settled in the area with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan. The planning fur industrial park covers 300 acres with the successful introduction of Hong Kong businessmen to invest Conson source of fur items.
  The construction of modern business district is taking shape, Mishan Road, Huanshan two trade logistics zone, Weihai International Building Materials City, Henan aquatic products wholesale market, furniture market west, the Pacific furniture shopping malls, lotus West Bay car market, the western suburbs of logistics network Songjiagou decoration materials market, Hongfu wedding etiquette have become the industry leaders. Huayang Wealth Building, Yangtz Huiquan shopping plaza, Seven Mile Hot Springs Building and other high-end commercial buildings are going up, witnessing the development speed and passion of Huanshan.

Bukou Port

  Bukou Port is located in the southernmost of Wendeng District, which is Weihai Wendeng City government¨s agency of the district. Under the jurisdiction, there are 8 administrative villages, 48 enterprises, a population of 12,000, an area of 28.99 square kilometers, 706 hectares of arable land, 530 acres of forest land, 4800 acres of beach, 9.11 square kilometers of sea area. Characteristics products are mainly American ginseng, peanuts, apples, shrimp, sea cucumber, jellyfish, oysters, crabs, clams, puffer fish and so on.
  Bukou Port is around the "aquatic export processing zones" positioning, developing four major industry-led economic structure, like marine economy, forming marine fishing, aquaculture and conditioning food processing, ship repair and parts manufacturing, special animal feeding, breeding and fur processing, pension and health coastal recreation . There are two companies acquired HACCP (international food hygiene), 11 enterprises certified with import and export rights.
  For five consecutive years, It was awarded a special contribution units and advanced unit honorary by Wendeng district government from 2009 to 2013.